Saturday, May 26, 2012

Matthew is 5!

Matthew is 5. He actually turned 5 about 2 weeks ago. In honor of Matthew's 5th birthday. Here are 5 things I love about him. 1) His smile. Matthew has a smile that lights up the room and anyone else that is near him. 2) His imagination. Matthew has a great imagination. I watched him take a stick and a bottle. He put them to gether and they quickly became a sunshade and then a telescope. Just one example of his creative mind. 3) His excitement. Nothing is ever boring for Matthew. He can find excitement in anything. And if there isn't any excitement, he will make some. 4) His love of language. Matthew's teacher has taught him a little American Sign Language. He is also beginning to learn Spanish and loves it. I plan to enroll him in a dual immersion program next year where he will speak Spanish and English in school. 5) His kind spirit. Matthew has really learned to love helping other people. He loves to work with adults and help them as well as helping younger children. Matthew is a great kid and I am proud of him. He will be starting kindergarten in just a few months and I will no longer have a preschooler in my home. While I will miss being able to pick him up from school for a surprise lunch or ice cream, I will enjoy watching him learn as he begins his school career. Happy birthday Matthew! I hope you enjoy being 5.

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