Monday, March 7, 2011

Too Little Time

So everyone once in awhile I post on here about how overwhelmed I am feeling. Most of the time being a single parent really doesn't seem that difficult to me. Or at least not anymore difficult than for any other parent. It might be because I just love being a mom or it could be because I have never parented in a 2 parent home so I have no idea what that feels like. Right now though, I am really wishing I had another adult here to help me. Don't get me wrong I am still very glad I am a mom and don't regret my children one bit. I even still hope to have a baby some day. But for tonight I am feeling overwhelmed and wishing there was another adult here.

Here is what is on my list of things going on making me feel overwhelmed.

1) Kindergarten screening. I registered Jacob for kindergarten today. I knew he would need to attend screening but I didn't expect them to only have times on Wed or Thu this week or next between 8:30 and 3:00. I just happen to have training all of those days and can't get off work. I'll call the school tomorrow but can't do much if we can't come in someother time. I just wish they would have given us more warning and maybe some evening appointments.

2) Doctor Appoiontments. I have 2 appointments in the next month. My boss is good about me leaving work for them but I still feel bad missing work when I just started this job.

3) School blues. It is the middle of the semester and I am definitely feeling the stress. It gets like this around this time every semester but with the job it just seems to be a little tougher.

4) School and licensing requirements. I am trying to get instructors to email me the course syllabus for courses from last year so I can submit them for my social work certificate. I need this to pass probation at my job next year.

Only one of these actually has to do with my children but I still would like someone to lean on right now. It seems like life is just moving a little too fast. Thankfully, it's almost spring break and I will have some time to just rest and catch up.

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