Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sick Kids

There is nothing worse than having a sick kid. M has been sick for 3 days. I am pretty sure it is the flu and I really hope he feels better tomorrow for Easter. It has been 7 hours since I gave him ibuprofen and so far the fever has stayed away. He came in my room a few minutes ago and announced, "Mom, I feel better now." I hope that's true. Poor kid. The doctor ran out of the flu vaccine last fall and I never followed up. I have never had the flu before and didn't realize how miserable it really is. I can guarantee everyone he will be getting the flu shot from now on. Thankfully, Jacob had an appointment for his well child check up last September during the last flu clinic and he was able to get vaccinated so maybe he won't get sick. Fingers crossed.

Having sick kids is always a good reminder of how blessed I am. My parents were able to step in the past 2 days and watch M will I worked. I have a job that is much more flexible than my last job and was able to leave work long enough to take M to the doctor without having to plan ahead and wait for someone to replace me. I could also flex my time and stop home in the middle of the day Thursday and Friday to check on M and make sure he was doing okay.

I am also very aware of how blessed I am to live in this country when my children are sick. I could run to the grocery store and have several medications to choose from, a variety of sports drinks and juices to pick out and lots of food choices that might be easier to eat.

In the past hour M has started eating, is fighting with Jacob and is back to his old energetic self. Now I just need to see if it lasts but either way it is a good sign. Maybe he will feel okay for Easter tomorrow.

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