Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Is Near!

There are a few signs of Spring that I watch for every year. MLB opening day (Go Cubs and Brewers!), tulips growing, snow melting and warmer temperatures. I also look forward to the start of spring t-ball and soccer. Soccer starts next week and Jacob has a t-ball picnic today to get the season started. His first practice is in 2 weeks and his first game is in May.

I am really looking forward to spring. The past two weeks have been full of ups and downs. I have been preparing an adoption party and looking for the perfect adoption announcement (more to come soon on this). I thought I was going to be able to announce a new baby later this year but that didn't turn out as I had hoped. Maybe next time will have better results.

Work is going really well. My supervisor says she is pleased with the work I have been doing and is shortening my training schedule. She's been very supportive as I have dealt with some minor health issues and even reminded me it's okay to call in sick to work if I need to. Yesterday she and two other supervisors threw a pizza party and make cake and pie for all of the workers to enjoy. It was a great treat and so nice to work for a supportive supervisor.

Jacob and M have started at a new babysitter that seems to be going well so far. M has grown up so much this year. He turns 4 in May and I can really see him beginning to mature and leave the toddler years behind him. Two months ago I wasn't really sure he was ready socially or emotionally to start 4K in the fall but that has since changed. I am now sure that not only is he ready but he will do great.

Jacob had his first sleepover last night. We have had some of his friends spend the night here before but this is the first time he has spent the night away from me since he came home from Ethiopia. He spent the night at his friend, Grace's, house. Jacob was a little nervous going over there and I promised him he could come home at anytime if he wanted. I got an email this morning that not only did he not want to come home but he stayed up until 11! I am still waiting for him to come home so he must still be having fun. I miss him but am very proud of him. He is growing up and becoming much more independant.

For the most part the past two weeks have been full of medical appointments, training at work and just trying to keep up with lives that seem a little too busy right now. This weekend will be much more relaxing with not nearly as many scheduled activities. I plan to spend it on laundry, homework and just hanging around the house and neighborhood.

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