Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall Routine

Routines and schedules are very important especially for children. I have tried really hard to keep the kids on a fairly consistent schedule but it has always been difficult with school especially during the past 9 months while I finished my internship. Having a consistent routine and schedule is one of the things I am looking forward to the most now that I am done with school and able to be home every night. I think it will really help both of my children to know that I will be picking them up every night from day care and that they will have the same routine and schedule. Like everything, there will need to be some adjustments but here is the basic routine/schedule I developed for the school year.

5:00 pm Pick Up Jacob (unless he has swim team then I will be dropping him off at practice earlier)
5:30 pm Meet Matthew at his bus stop (his school buses him to and from school while Jacob lives within walking distance of his school
5:45 pm Start dinner. Go through school bags and folders from the day. Set aside homework.

After dinner: Children begin homework/reading time while I clean up. I will help them after dinner is cleaned up or read with them if they don't have any homework. Homework/reading time lasts a minimum of 20 minutes and longer if they have more homework.

Play time/TV time until it's time for bed.

This is very similar to the schedule I had for Jacob last fall when I didn't have an internship. It worked really well and really helps to have a special time set aside for homework when the TV is off. I have told the kids that we can decrease homework time and just read if they finish their homework at day care. They have a 30 minute homework/tutoring time at day care and since they don't get much work at their ages they have a good chance of finishing at school. They still have to read at least one book with me and go over their homework but they don't have to do extra work if they get it done before they get home.

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