Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ice, Snow and Flu

Today is definitelly not one of our better days. Jacob began coming down with the flu yesterday and it hit full force today. I took him to the doctor and got him started on meds. Hopefully, he will be feeling better very soon. It is a little disappointing since he received the two recommended flu shots and still got sick. Hopefully, he will recover faster since he had the vaccine.

As bad as being sick is, today could be worse. I was nervous about calling in sick for foster care training. I already had the day off to attend class. An ice and snow storm hit making the roads slick. Many activities were cancelled including the foster care class. It was actually a good day to stay indoors. I took Jacob over to my parents house while I ran around filling his prescription and getting some other needed flu supplies. When I tried to pick him up, he refused to leave. Grandma and Grandpa didn't mind having him there so we watched TV with them. I hope their flu shots work and they don't get sick (me too).

Hopefully, Jacob will feel better tomorrow and we can get back to normal again.

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