Friday, June 8, 2007

Delay in Posts

I just wanted to post and apologize for how quiet I have been lately. My computer has a virus (or something) and I cannot get on the internet at home. I am actually at the library now. I hope to get my computer fixed in a couple weeks (I need a couple more paychecks first).

Everything is going great with Jacob. He is loving preschool and even sitting still long enough to complete art projects. He usually fusses for about 10 seconds as I walk out the classroom door. He then happily begins playing. The class only meets one day a week for 1 1/2 hours. It is all he needs now and he loves it.

Someone asked me to post on time lines for Jacob's adoption. Here is how it played out.

January 2006- I went to some orientation meetings and selected a home study agency. That agency that directed me to Wide Horizons For Children (WHFC).

February 2006- I discovered I would need to put the adoption on hold until I earned some more money.

May 2006- I began the home study process.

August 2006- The home study was complete. I received immigragion (CIS) approval and began "officially waiting" for a healthy infant 0-12 months old.

November 2006- I had an overwhelming feeling that my son was on the waiting child list for Children's Home Society and Family Services (CHSFS). After a sleepless night, I received the password to view the children. I found my son about 2 minutes later. I knew instantly he was meant to be mine.

December 2006- My homestudy was updated to reflect a child up to 24 months. This was needed because Jacob was 15 months old and definitelly not the 0-12 months I thought I would adopt. My dossier for CHSFS was also completed and sent to Ethiopia.

February 2007- I made it through court on Feb. 8 and received a phone call Feb 14 that I would travel in March.

March 8, 2007- I left for Ethiopia.

March 10, 2007- I met my son! It was a wonderful experience.

March 14, 2007- I took custody of Jacob.

Coming up: Readoption on August 22, 2007!

What a journey! I cannot wait to adopt again! I am beginning my next home study at the end of this month!

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