Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Healthy Boy!

I kind of chuckle when I remember the warnings from my famiy doctor. I had just shown him the referral information on Jacob. He gave me warnings of possible mental retardation, seizures, glaucoma and a host of other problems. I had done my own research and stated "but he isn't showing any signs of trouble and he is over 12 months old." The doctor wasn't convinced. He stated he knew I had already made up my mind but wanted me to know about the worst case scenario. He ended the appointment by telling me he looked forward to meeting Jacob. He knew I was determined. I knew in my heart there was nothing wrong with this child.

Jacob went to the eye doctor yesterday. It was our last stop to rule out any medical problems related to his birth mark. Once again, he received a clean bill of health and told there are no signs of the disorder everyone had been so worried about. I could have told you that.

Jacob is your typical almost 2 year old. He throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way (even though I tend to ignore them). He is beginning to put 2 words together such as "Go car!" He can climb up almost anything and loves to go down the big slides at the park. He has not shown jealousy towards the dog or other children in weeks. He is securely attached and growing quickly.

I don't have much news on my next adoption. I have an appointment to attend an orientation meeting on July 10. I am debating whether or not to be open to a sibling group of two. It would probably come down to who the two children were, if I qualified for adoption assistance and if I can handle any problems they may have. I also keep playing with the idea of trying to become pregnant in a few years. I am not sure I want four children. I will continue to pray about it and ask God to send me the children that are right for me and my family. I wouldn't be the only single mom of three or four children and it would be fun to have a big family.

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