Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back To Work

I can't believe it has been 12 weeks since I left to meet Jacob! Time has gone by very quickly. Everyday is a joy (well, almost every day). I just wish I had more time. I miss work but I cannot imagine not being with him all day. I will miss him but someone has to pay the bills.

It is now almost June. The Summer is finally here and we are beginning to play outside. I made it a house rule yesterday that Jacob is taken outside every day at least once to play. He loves to be outside and I know he is learning a lot from being out there. He continues to grow and amaze me.

I have been a mother for 3 months now and am considering adding to my family next year. I would love to adopt a girl who is 4-7 years old. I do not know if it will happen or not. It just depends on if I can find the money and a child that will fit into my family. I am considering adopting from foster care since it is considerably cheaper. It will just depend on whether or not it is in God's plans. My adoption case worker says it is "exciting" and she is in favor of it. My parents are "staying out of it" but admit they will love any child I adopt. That is a change from Jacob. They did not think they would want to spnd time with him. Now, they volunteer to babysit and love to see him :) Everyone who knows them is now laughing. It is wonderful!

I guess time will tell as to when my next child comes. Hopefully, it won't be too long from now.


Angela :-) said...

Heather, if you do decide to adopt from foster care, let me know. I'm an Adoption Specialist w/ Adopt America Network--no fees for my services! You'll have to have your homestudy done by someone, but then I can help w/ the matching.

Angela :-)

Tim & Sarah said...

Hi Heather. I just found your blog from another blog. I loved reading your story. I too am an adoptive mother. I was wondering if you could post more on time frames, cost, agency etc with adopting from Ethiopia.