Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jacob's 1st Vacation In America

Jacob and I took our first trip together as a family. We had four generations of our family together for the weekend. The picture above is Jacob's Great-Aunt Shauna, Great-Uncle Gary, Great Grandma, Great-Great-Aunt Virginia, Great-Great Uncle Cecil, Jacob and Grandma. Not pictured are me (Mama), Grandpa and our Au Pair. We also met up with his Great-Aunt Patty and Cousins Katherine and Caitlin.
We spent the weekend in Branson, Missouri. Jacob was his usual happy self for most of the time. He was tired which meant he was a little crankier than normal but that is to be expected. As seems to be custom lately, Jacob was spoiled the entire weekend. He loved being passed from his new relatives to Grandpa to Mama and back again. He got several new outfits, two new cars, a new doll and two toy cell phones. I told him not to get used to it! Even Santa Claus won't bring that much new stuff!
Jacob did well in the car. He played with a toy steering wheel and pretended to help me drive. He also enjoyed playing with his toy Shrek from McDonald's and watched a little of the DVDs we brought. Jacob has never been very interested in watching TV or movies. That is fine with me. I would much rather just have him play.

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Susy Q said...

It sounds look you and Jacob had a great trip! I'm so happy to hear how well he seems to be adjusting.

And thanks for the encouragement! The endless waiting is frustrating, but it really helps to have support, especially from someone who went through the same process and came out the other end with a gorgeous little boy! I KNOW that we will get LG eventually, but knowing that she's over there without us is so hard to deal with!