Saturday, August 4, 2007


Jacob found the wonderful world of butterflies! There is a butterfly show at the public gardens near our home. He was most excited about the stamp on his hand. He kept staring at it and the one on my hand and saying "Wow!" He thought the live butterflies were neat but not nearly as much fun as the fish or waterfalls.
Jacob continues to love preschool. His teacher told me "He is always happy." That is so wonderful to hear. I have signed him up to go twice a week later this Fall. He needs to be two first and that won't happen until September.
Today is the first day in several weeks where we have time to just sit at home. Well, Jacob can sit and relax. I really need to work on laundry and cleaning. Some things never change.

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Angela :-) said...

If it's like around here, Jacob won't sit & relax & you won't get your laundry & cleaning done. LOL

Good luck!

Angela :-)