Monday, August 6, 2007

A Slower August?

Life has been pulling me full speed through Summer. I am looking for some relaxing days soon. Our old au pair, Trudie, left today. We will miss her and already do. I am still feeling bad about the way things turned out with her but also know I had to do what is best for my family. Trudie is welcome to come back and visit any time and I hope she keeps in touch.

I purchased a patio swing earlier this Summer. My parents gave me some money from their share of my gradparents' estate. I wanted to buy a swing in memory of all my wonderful visits to their house. I really enjoyed sitting in the backyard and talking to my grandfather. Now, I hope to create new memories sitting in my backyard and watching my son and dog play.

The reality is that Summer has been so busy I haven't gotten outside much. The swing is being used almost daily by the au pairs and Jacob but not by me. There is really no one I can blame but myself. I have this habit of overscheduling myself. I am now making a pledge to myself and my son that I will use that swing more during the next two months while it is still nice outside.

I also am going to make sure Jacob and I get to the beach and the sprinkler park this month. We don't have nearly as many doctor appointments and other activities scheduled so it should be easier to get outside. I have training for working football games and the State Fair tomorrow but should be able to slow down after that. I can't let the entire Summer get away!

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