Monday, October 29, 2007

Enough Halloween!

I realize Halloween isn't for a couple more days. I have to say Jacob has definitelly experienced the holiday. Not only did he go trick-or-treating at the zoo, he also went trick-or-treating at area businesses with his babysitter on Friday and to a halloween party at our church on Saturday. I wasn't there but heard the stories. He went around to the kids handing out candy at church stating "I need" while holding up his hand. He ended up getting over half a bag of candy and still wanted more! I guess we will have to begin learning not be greedy.

Halloween isn't over yet though! He painted a pumpkin at the church and still has to carve one at home. He also is going trick-or-treating at his preschool class on Wednesday. They are just going around the building but he already has a ton of candy! I am definitelly not feeling guilty that I have to work Halloween and won't be able to take him door to door that evening. He even woke up yesterday morning asking for more candy!

I am glad he is having fun. He walked into his new preschool room this morning and began playing. After a couple minutes, he decided he needed one more hug and then I could leave. I was pretty impressed since he only knew one child in the room and I don't think they recognized each other. Now, if only he remembers his promise to listen to his teachers and use "gentle hands" while playing with the other kids. Both are difficult tasks for a young 2-year-old but also something he needs to learn.

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