Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our House Has Gone To The Dogs!

I am ready to run away and move out! My friend is out of town for a few days this week. I have agreed to take her two dogs while she is gone. They are two yellow labs ages 9 months and 14 years. Talk about extremes! Our house is a fun zone of chaos.

The puppy is full of energy. She spends a large part of her day wresling with my four year old, 70 pound, dog. The older dog spends her time wandering the house or sleeping. She also loves the back yard and spends most of the morning out there. It is a lot of chaos and a lot of fun to take care of the dogs.

My friend returns tonight and I will be happy and sad to see the dogs go. Jacob loves all of them and greets each one individually when we return home. I will be happy to be able to come home at night and just go to bed without fighting to get three dogs outside and then back inside and to stop playing on the bed so we can sleep. The dogs have kept our lives interesting and it is fun to watch them play. I enjoy dog sitting but definitelly will not be getting another puppy for our house any time soon.

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