Friday, September 28, 2007

New Daycare!

We have new daycare. They are both in-home centers. The home he is going to during the week is absolutely wonderful. S has 4 children. Jacob has quickly become friends with the 7-year-old (I think) boy. He gets to do the boy things I cannot give him like wrestling and playing cars the way only boys can play. They make most of their food from scratch and the children get to help prepare many meals. It is wonderful. S is supportive and flexible which is wonderful. She is willing to watch Jacob on weekends but I don't want to overburden her and wear out our welcome. I will not hesitate to use her if I need someone though.

The other care taker SM is only a weekend sitter. Her prices are reasonable and she seems to really care about the children. She has three children. Jacob won't start there until the middle of October. I hope that he likes it there.

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Angela :-) said...

That's great, Heather. I hope the day job comes through for you soon.

Angela :-)