Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Search For Childcare

Our latest au pair did not work out. I am very disappointed. I really thought things would. She was great for the first month but things have been getting progressively worse since then. It is time for her to move on. I have notified the au pair agency and am looking at other daycare options. Thankfully, my friends have pulled through for me again and covered yesterday and today. I am hoping to have new child care by next week.

Searching for childcare is one of the most time consuming and nerve wracking parts of parenting. It seems like the search for good care is never ending. I have looked at daycare centers and they are my first choice. Unfortunately, they are not open in the evenings. I am now seeking an in-home center which will meet our schedule and needs. I am optimistic that I will find one we both like. Jacob is a great kid and easy to care for.

So what am I looking for? Not anything anyone else doesn't want. I want to come home to know my child is safe and has been watched closely throughout the day. I want to know there will not be ink pen scribbles all over my walls, computer and windows. I want to know that the person caring for Jacob is fun and loving and plays with him. I want to know that he was given healthy meals including vegetables even when I cannot cook for him. Basically, a healthy and safe envorionment where he can learn and grow.

I believe I will be on dayshift soon. Hopefully, Jacob can attend a full-time preschool/daycare center next year. I am just waiting for dayshift hours. If I have to wait another year, that will be fine too. Jacob will not start kindergarten until 2011 when he is almost six. That gives us plenty of time to find the preschool program that fits our desires. He will do well almost anywhere.

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