Monday, September 3, 2007

A Fun Reunion

We had a great time today. We spent Labor Day at a picnic about 1/2 hours north of our home. There were many families there with children from Ethiopia. The guest of the day was the director of the orphanage Jacob lived at in Ethiopia. Asnake was very happy to see all of the children today. His wife saw Jacob and immediately became excited.
It was clear to see how loved all of the children were. Asnake's wife told me that many of the nannies still wonder about Jacob and how he was doing. I was happy to be able to send them a videotaped message about how well he is doing. I hope they will approve of how I am raising him and how he is doing. Asnake seemed to be pleased and really seemed to enjoy holding the children and seeing them again.
Jacob and I had fun meeting some new families. It is always great to make new friends and I enjoy being around other families similar to ours. It is also good to be reminded about how loved the children are in the orphanage and how well cared for they are. I will always try to keep some kind of connection to Ethiopia and the wonderful people we have met through adoption.

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