Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jacob's 1st Chore

I believe that chores can be beneficial to children and families. Although not crucial, chores do not harm children and can teach many valuable lessons. In our family, chores are a necessity. As a busy mom, I have difficulty keeping up with chores and need help. Jacob is now old enough to start helping. Besides helping to pick up his toys at night, he has an official chore. Jacob's job is to feed the dog.

Jacob is wonderful at feeding the dog. He knows to take the measuring cup and use it to scoop food from the bag into the dog's bowl. The problem is that he doesn't always understand the difference between dog treats and food.

The above pictures are the first time I told him to go feed the dog. Jacob ran into the kitchen and got the dog treats out of the pantry. Before I knew what he was doing, he had fed the dog over half a box of dog treats. The dog was very happy and couldn't even finish the treats.

For those of you who have read earlier posts. Yes, Jacob still believes he is a dog. I had to remind him about an hour ago that I only like Jacob kisses and not doggy kisses. The dog also loves Jacob and puts up with a lot of abuse from him. She probably knows that without Jacob, she would not receive nearly as much table food or treats.


Angela :-) said...

He's still so cute!

Angela :-)

Susy Q said...

What a smart boy! I'm sure he's a great help around the house!