Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update On School

Jacob, M and I continue to work hard at school. I am just finishing watching a 3 hour movie and answering questions. Earlier today I finished an 8 page paper and Tuesday I gave a presentation on social work values and adopting children with special needs. I also finished writing my field log for this week and read about 70 pages in a novel. I still have 3 chapters in my text books to read and write a two page reflection paper. If I have time, I need to start working on my next research paper as well as work on two more presentations that are due at the end of this month. Just thinking about it makes my head spin. I find I really need to write down what I will do each day and then work ahead if I get done early.

While getting all of the above work done, I am still working at my normal job and raising my boys. How am I doing it? Well, I'm not really sure but I know I am doing it. My boys are thriving and I am surviving. There are things that get lost in the shuffle of our lives. An example is Jacob's order form for his school pictures butfor the most part we are making it.

Jacob is really making great progress academically. I have no doubt he could test into kindergarten in the fall but I don't want him to be the youngest so he will wait another year. Here are his most recent progress.

-He can now recognize all of the letters in the alphabet.
-Reading familiar words. He can read mom, his name and the names of all of his classmates. He amazed me by quickly reading his friend's names on an attendance chart at school and moving their names to the correct chart depending on if they are at school or home.
-Able to add and subtract up to 5 and sometimes higher. We had some cows watching us while we were near a farm today. There were four cows at the fence when 3 more walked up. Jacob quickly stated "Mom there were 4 cows watching us. Now there are 3 more so there are 7 now."
-He can spell and write his first and last name.

I am completely amazed at Jacob's progress and hope that it continues. I am also relieved that the boys are doing well with our new schedules.


Calico Sky said...

Heather you are such an inspiration, parenting, working & studying! Do you mind if I add you to my single parent blogroll?

Heather said...

It is fine to include me on your blog role. I don't know that I'm really an inspiration. Just doing what I feel is best for my family's future. Only 21 months until graduation!