Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true. Mine have started already. It began on Wednesday when I made my first tres leches cake. It is a cake that is popular in Mexico and Latin America. I was originally going to make it for a Christmas celebration with P but had to postpone it so Jacob, M and I ate it. It was delicious. Not perfect but delicious.

Yesterday I made a big breakfast for the kids and me. We don't get to stay home and eat breakfast very often. The boys get breakfast at the babysitter's house or daycare and I usually just have a bowl of cereal at work. Yesterday we had scrambled eggs and hash browns.

Jacob and I spent the afternoon making Christmas cookies. They turned out great and Santa ate two when he visited last night. M took an extra long nap yesterday so we saved a few cookies for him to decorate today. Then it was off to church and dinner with my parents and brother.

Today the boys are spending some time watching cartoons and playing with their new toys. Jacob got the fire truck he was dreaming about and M got a giant crane. They immediately traded and are playing nicely with each other. Wusha is tearing apart the old wrapping paper and boxes and making the kind of mess only a 7 month old puppyu is capable of.

Later today we will head to my parents house for a nice dinner and more presents. It is these types of mornings that I really remember how much I love being a parent and how long I waited for these mornings. The joy on the boys faces as Jacob exclaimed, "Santa really does like me!" Yes Jacob. Santa does like you. She also loves you more than you will ever understand.

M had a court hearing that went better than anyone expected. It now looks like his adoption will be finalized in about a year instead of two years. Praise God! Miracles do happen. He will soon be a forever member of my family and never have to worry about being hurt again. That is a miracle by itself.

I also received all but one of my grades yesterday. They are as good as I had hoped for. Just one more semester before I can get my social work certification and hopefully get a job (if not sooner). Then I can decide if I want to continue to go to school full-time or cut back to part-time. For now, I'm just going to be thankful that one semester is behind me and was a success.

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