Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recent Highlights

Winter is here and Christmas is only a few days away. I have been extremely busy with the end of the school semester, my internship and trying to spend time with my children. It hasn't been easy but the semester ended last week, the Christmas presents are bought, the laundry is closer to being under control again and life is a little more relaxing. Here are some recent highlights as well as some planned activities for the next couple of days.

- We received about 17 inches of snow the second week of December. It took several hours to dig ourselves out including having the city move some very large tree limbs from the end of the driveway. The picture above is from this storm.

- Jacob and M have visited Santa Clause. Jacob wants a fire truck with a firefighter. M wants a police station but I heard Santa ran out and has another special gift in mind for him.

- The school semester ended and I passed all of my classes (I think). I was able to get just over 240 hours in at my internship and loved every minute of it. I really hope I can get a job in child welfare soon. I would love to go part time for the next 2 years instead of full-time next year and be able to relax in a job I love.

- We have a tentative contract agreement. If it is voted for, I won't have to quit my job. I am relieved but also still looking for child welfare jobs.

- We are going to try to make a tres leches cake for a Christmas dinner tomorrow. We are having a miniture Christmas celebration with P tomorrow night and I wanted a desert from her Mexican culture. I heard these cakes are delicious so I am looking forward to trying it.

- Jacob and M have their Christmas concert tonight. They have been practicing their songs for the past several weeks so I know it will be wonderful. There is something about watching my children perform that makes me so proud I want to cry. I never knew my kids could affect me this way.

- I finished M's first photo montage. I can't post it here yet. His adoption process is just beginning and it will be months before it is final (maybe over a year). I will introduce him to all of my cyber friends then. I am just excited to have his "Welcome to the family" DVD finished. Unless something tragic and unexpected happens, he is here forever and I couldn't be happier about it.

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