Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bunk Bed Dilemma

I am facing a dilemma. To buy a bunk bed or not. Wisconsin states that foster children must be 4 years old to sleep in a top bunk. There are no rules for non-foster children. I have always told the kids that everyone has to follow foster care rules whether they are a forever kid or not. The only exception is that Jacob still co-sleeps with me while foster children are not allowed to sleep in my bed.

Jacob turned 4 last September and so he is now old enough to sleep in a top bunk. He wants a bunk bed more than anything although I'm not sure he will actually sleep in it more than one night. M can handle the ladder so it won't be a huge safety hazard if he decides to climb up it. I would like to have a bunk bed so that it is there when Jacob decides he is ready to sleep in it. M is quickly outgrowing his toddler bed and I really think he only has a few more months before he will be too big for it. I don't want to move him to the twin bed and then not have a bed for Jacob to sleep in. Even if he refuses to use it, Jacob needs to have his own bed in the house.

So here is where the debate comes in.

1) Do I buy the bunk bed now for when Jacob is ready or wait until M really needs a new bed and Jacob decides to sleep in his own bed every night.

2) Do I buy the bunk beds that separate into twin beds in case they decide they don't want bunks anymore?

3) Do I buy the bunk beds with the slanted ladder that take more room and don't separate but would be safer climbing up and down? These beds are also more expensive.

It's important to me that the boys share a room right now. There are two big reasons for this. One is that I think it is good for bonding. The second is so that I can make the playroom into a spare room (or bedroom for a third kid) when the kids are both old enough that I feel comfortable allowing them to play in the basement without me right there. It will be awhile before I trust them enough to not be within sight or at least easy access but it won't be much longer. I can trust Jacob downstairs now and hope to be able to trust M in another year if not sooner.

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Shannon- said...

My 2cents- Buy the ones that seperate. They make good and sturdy ones. Then have someone handy make you a ladder for it. My dad made one for my nephews even though it didn't need one- the slats of the beds made a good ladder.

Another option is the one with the full on bottom and little on top... with the idea it'd be easier to transition you into your own bed than J into his.. But the foster rules kinda through a hitch in that one...