Friday, January 29, 2010

Daycare Drama

I have had a couple of bad experiences with the boys' daycare. I have stayed because the boys really like their friends and they have been doing well there. Last week we had another episode that made me less than happy.

Wednesday I received a phone call that Jacob was not feeling well and had a fever of 101.0. No problem. I had my dad go to the school and get Jacob. I got home about 3 hours later and took him to urgent care. His fever was already gone without any medications. The doctor immediately stated it was nothing more than an average cold, definitelly not the flu and no reason he should stay away from school or kids. Great. She gave me a note stating he was seen and cleared to return to school. It also stated that he did not have influenza.

I arrived at school yesterday morning and gave the note to the director. She stated that the note needed to have his diagnosis on it so that she could decide if he was too sick to return. I stated that a DOCTOR had cleared him and he was medically cleared to return to school. She stated she understood the doctor stated he could return but she was personally not allowing him to return.

I gave her a note yesterday afternoon stating I was pulling the boys from school. She has yet to ask me why or try to talk to me about it. We have been going there for almost two years and it appears that she really does not care. She also has been kicking out almost all of the foster children lately. She stated she does not treat foster families as regular families and will not give us a sibling discount. This was even after being told that her policy is discrimatory.

I have found another daycare with room that I am happy with. They are a little farther away from our house but they have a school district certified 4K program. They also have gotten good reviews from social workers and other parents I know.

There is still a small chance that we will stay where we are at. I am giving the director until after work on Tuesday to contact me and be willing to discuss my concerns. If she is willing to stop discriminating and change her policies so that she isn't demanding confidential medical information and willing to accept a doctor's note, I will let the kids stay.

I don't want to pull the kids from the daycare. It is making me very sad to have to do it. I also feel that I have to make a statement. I need to make sure that my kids' needs are being met, that they are not being discriminated against because we are a "foster" family and that they are receiving fair treatment. If the director is willing to assure me that my concerns will be addressed and at least compromise, we will stay. Otherwise, I will let my money talk and we will be changing daycares in a couple weeks.

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Angela :-) said...

That stinks, but good for you!

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