Sunday, January 31, 2010

School Schedule

Here is my school schedule for this semester. I have completed one week and have 13 weeks to go (not counting spring break). This semester is more macro-practice based than micropractice. I prefer micro. Basically the difference is that micropractice has more direct contact with clients and case management while macrobased is more policy making and how to make changes within organizations. I have a good start on the readings for the semester and just turned in my first paper. I am currently working on my second paper and will start a third one very soon. So here is a breakdown of my classes.

Generalist Practice II- 3 credits
Skills Lab- 1 credit
Field Experience (my favorite)- 4 credits
Ethics- 3 credits
Social Welfare Policy- 3 credits

I attend class 2 nights a week for 3 hours and 7 hours every other Saturday. I also complete an average of 16 hours of internship (field experience) each week. My current assignment at work will not allow me to do as much school work there as I did last semester so I will have to be very careful to make good use of time at home. With parenting and my boys still my number one priority of course. I really hope my boys are learning the value of education through watching my go to school. At least they know school is important to me.

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