Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Surprise Visitor!

Jacob and M were very excited when I picked them from school yesterday. Their teachers had told them they would have a visitor but they didn't have any clue who. It was the Easter Bunny! Jacob told me all about the "white Easter Bunny" that read a story with them. M was excited about the candy he brought. They both had pictures taken and enjoyed their special days.

The only problem the boys had was figuring out why the Easter Bunny at school was all white and the one at the mall was white and brown. Jacob was able to figure it out though. The Easter Bunny is busy getting ready for Easter so he sends his helpers to meet the kids. The helpers then tell the real Easter Bunny how the kids are and what they told him.

Just a few more days until the real Easter Bunny comes with baskets of goodies.

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