Friday, April 2, 2010

A Very Good Good Friday

It is Good Friday. The day that Jesus Christ died for our sins. It is a day that I reflect on my many blessings and also on the sacrifices that God calls on all of us to make. Most of my time lately has been devoted to school and work. I haven't had the time to spend with my children or on myself that I would like. At times I am not even sure we all get the time that we need. Yet I carry on and continue to work hard.

Why am I doing this? Because I know deep down inside that God is calling me to a new career helping children and their families stop abuse and have better relationships and stronger families. I have known for a very long time that God is calling me to help others and serve. The money isn't important or the prestige (there isn't much of either in child welfare) but the knowledge that I am able to help children and do God's work is.

The kids school was closed today and I was off work. It was a rare day where I don't have to be at school, work or my internship. I asked Jacob about a week ago what he would like to do today. He stated he wanted to go to a water park. I remembered that I had won passes to Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells last fall so I agreed we could go there. Great Wolf Lodge often donates free passes to Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, foster families and other charities so I was delighted to use some of those passes and also support them.

I took Jacob, M and our teenage friends, Brooke and Jasmine, to the park for the day. It was wonderful. It was a much needed opportunity to spend time together as a family just having fun and relaxing. The boys had a great time and really loved the water slides and swimming. I enjoyed watching them have so much fun and just being away from all of the stresses of our normal life.

While I missed yet another Good Friday ceremony at church, I took time to remember what it is God wants of all of his children. For us to spend time together helping each other and strengthening our relationships among ourselves and with him.

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