Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Please Join Us Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day designated to send a message to Russia to keep adoptions open. The world needs to hear positive adoption stories. The media is quick to cover all of the horrifying stories and last week's story of the seven year old boy was no different. What the media doesn't cover is the hundereds of thousands of positive adoption stories. The ones we all know and many of us live. Tommorrow is the day to make the world see those stories. I will be posing mine and I hope you will post yours. Post on your blogs, twitter accounts and facebook. Let the world see that adoption is a miracle that brings families together. I have exprienced adoption first hand. It has been a miracle. I love my son and look forward to adopting my foster son soon. Nothing could change the way I feel about them. It would not be possible to love them more if I had given birth. They are my sons and my life.

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