Friday, April 23, 2010

Almost Done

All of the activities and events that have kept my family so busy the past nine months are almost done. Jacob and M are both doing great at their new school. M got in a little trouble last month but has been doing much better. I think he was testing the teachers and administrators to see how far he could go. He found out they weren't as tolerant as he hoped and has been doing much better since then.

Jacob absolutely loves his teachers and friends. He is going through a stage where he thinks that if a kid doesn't play with him only they aren't his friend. I watch the other kids flock to him in the classroom and on the playground. I almost always hear "Jacob!" when we get to school and other kids are there already. His teachers post pictures of various activities during the day and Jacob is almost always shown interacting with other kids. He was even reading letters to the class and pointing to them on a board the other day!

I have three weeks and only two major assignments left this school year. It will be so nice to be able to relax and have more time with the boys. That is after I get caught up on laundry and cleaning, get the garden planted, lawn cleaned up and all the other things that I have been neglecting since school started.

The next few months are looking exciting. I have high expectations and hopes for them. My latest home study will be done and I will just need to wait for the court process. Then M will no longer be a foster kid and we will only be doing respites. I plan to continue to hold off on any new placements until the boys are older and I see where I get a child welfare job. If I get a job in the county I live in, I won't be able to be a foster parent. Eventually we will either move or I will do straight adoption off the state list or international adoption. That won't happen for a couple more years at least though.

Jacob is enjoying t-ball and has practice again this weekend. I saw a picture of him at his school leading his class around the base path at the park. He had a huge smile on his face. He is also attending his first major league baseball game this weekend. I need to find a Cubs hat in his size before Sunday. He seems to really be enjoying baseball so far and thinks it's not fair the big kids get to start their games before him.

The other day we were at the park and saw a little boy, N, from M's daycare class. The little boy is not quite 3 years old. N was playing with Jacob and I heard the following conversation.

N: Is M your brother?
Jacob: Yes.
N: Why?
Jacob: Because my mom adopted us so that's why we are brothers.

I don't think I could have thought of a better answer. Kids have such a great way of saying things simply and straight to the point. Adults just boggle up the answer with extra details and explanations. Jacob is right. It doesn't matter where in the adoption process we are or what anyone's legal status is. In our hearts, Jacob and M are both adopted and are brothers. I just hope the courts and legal system recognize it soon.

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