Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Brewers/Cubs Game

Jacob and I went to a Brewers/Cubs baseball game. If you have never been to these games before, they are fun. The park was about half Brewer fans and half Cubs fans. In our house, we cheer for the Brewers and the Cubs. It is always difficult to choose one over the other but I usually cheer for the Cubs if they play each other. The rest of our family are Brewers fans all the time.

Jacob couldn't decide who to cheer for. He wore a Cubs jersey and asked me to buy him a Brewers flag at the game. We sat in the family section so the crowd was fun and sober near us. People had a great time cheering with him no matter who they wanted to win. The lady sitting next to us told Jacob to ignore the people telling him both teams couldn't win and to just cheer for both. He did.

At one point during the game, a lady asked Jacob if he played baseball. He proudly told her he was 4 years old so he can play t-ball. She asked him if he was good. He replied, "I'm VERY good." Now that's confidence.

The game was pretty lopsided and the fans were not as enthusiastic as they are at some games. The Cubs won 12-2 so Jacob and I were both happy. The Cub fans continued to cheer although maybe not quite as loudly as if the game was close. The Brewer fans left early (well many of them). I ate way too much junk food and Jacob drank Gatorade. He introduced himself to a police sergeant who remembered his name a few innings later and waved to him while we were leaving the stadium.

I am pretty sure Jacob and I will both have many memories from today. All of them good. Jacob also taught the adults around us and me that you can cheer for both teams and have fun no matter who wins the game. It's more important to enjoy the people around you and the game itself than worry about the score.

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