Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball Season Begins

Baseball season has begun. Jacob had his first practice today. He has been very excited but the nerves set in last night. Jacob does not always do well when he gets scared or overwhelmed so I was really worried about it. I had to work this morning so my dad agreed to take Jacob to practice. The following summary is what I heard from Dad.

Today is cooler and very windy. Not a great day to be outside. I sent Jacob to the babysitter's house with a backpack and ball glove. The backpack was for him to put his schedule and uniform shirt in so that it wouldn't get lost. Jacob was nervous when he got there and didn't want to participate. The coach did a good job of encouraging him and by the end of practice he was having fun. They got to practice batting and running the bases. Jacob did well and was rewarded with a trip to the playground afterwards.

I got a message that the backpack is gone. Somehow my plan of having Jacob take a backpack so his schedule, uniform and glove wouldn't get lost didn't work. He still has the glove, uniform and schedule but the backpack is gone. I will admit I can see the humor in it. We have other backpacks so I'm not concerned. I'm just a little in awe that we have everything that was suppose to be inside the bag but not the bag itself.

Next week is another practice and I hope the weather cooperates. I really want Jacob to enjoy baseball. I think he will once he learns the game and gets over his nerves. I have fond memories of playing and watching games growing up. I want Jacob to have the same types of memories. I also realize I can't force him to enjoy something and trying to force him to have fun will only backfire. Maybe juice and a treat after practices and games will help him enjoy it.

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