Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Got Really Lucky Again

I work in law enforcement. Or at least I will until February 12 when I turn in my badge and ID to get ready for my new job on February 14. That means that I don't get snow days. Ever. Someone has to patrol the streets, feed the inmates and keep the community safe. It also means that I have to find someone to watch my children and try to get myself to work even though the streets aren't plowed and the rest of the world is in their homes sleeping.

Work is the reason I really dread these huge snowfalls. We received about 18 inches of snow over the past three days with 12 inches falling last night. Now, I realize some areas south of us got even more but really 12 inches is too much. So how did we get lucky? This storm fell on my regularly scheduled day off. As a general rule, my employer will leave us alone if we are scheduled off and my phone never rang last night.

I am also grateful that my new job is considered non-essential when we get large storms so I won't have to worry about trying to get to work after these huge storms again. I can handle 6 inches, maybe even 8 but anything more than that is too much. If the government closes, I get to stay home with the kids. Definitely a blessing even if they will be stir crazy by tonight.

Other ways that I am feeling very blessed and lucky today:

-We are all healthy. While Jacob has a spot on his gum that I want looked at (I am hoping it's just his 6 year old molar coming through), we don't have any urgent medical needs that can't be postponed for a few days or even a couple weeks.

-We have food. We were able to plan ahead and had the financial resources to buy groceries ahead of the storm so that we don't have to worry about finding food. I know not everyone in our community is that lucky so I am grateful.

-We have electricity. That means we have tv, movies, cartoons, computers, lights and most importantly heat.

-The snow is pretty much done now and the winds should begin to die down this afternoon. That will make shoveling out the dryer vent (there is a snow drift about 4 feet high in front of it), shoveling the steps and finding a way to get a path to the back yard for the dogs much easier. I may have to find that path for the dogs sooner than this afternoon though.

-I have a great friend who will be over later today with a plow on the front of his truck. He will work his magic and clear my driveway later today leaving just the smaller tasks for me.

-We are together and no one is travelling. My children are home with me. My parents and brother are in their homes (actually my brother didn't get that much snow so he is probably working). No one is trying to travel and find their way home so I don't have to worry about anyone.

I try to be positive. Yes, I could grumble about how I'm stuck at home with 2 young boys with way too much energy. But I prefer to look at the positives. It makes life much better. I am now going to concentrate on the positive as I brave the winds and cold to clear the path for the dogs. It's that or get the carpet shampooer ready. I think I'll find that path now.

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