Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Fun

I admit that I absolutely dread winter every year. It's not the snow or even the ice. It's the cold. I hate being stuck inside all the time but I also really don't like being outside and freezing. That is why I am always very happy to see the end of winter come.

Today was in the upper 20s and low 30s so it wasn't so cold it was miserable outside. It was actually very enjoyable. I took Jacob, M and P sledding. Something I had been promising to do all winter but it has either been too cold or not enough snow. Today we finally had snow and warmer weather so we all went to the hill.

The hill near our home wasn't very busy which was a really nice surprise. The boys had a great time whizzing down the hill and Matt really loved it. He had to be coaxed back to the car by a promise that I would pull him on the sled as fast I could until we got back to the car. I also took the kids down to the edge of the lake and let them walk on the ice which they thought was really neat. P tried to see through the ice to find some fish but of course the ice is just too thick.

I don't mind this time of the year. For winter, this is my favorite part. Warmer temperatures and the promise of spring. Ground hogs day is coming and whether Jimmy sees his shadow or not, I hope for an early spring. Baseball, picnics, flowers and green grass all sound really nice right now. Along with a new job that will allow us to enjoy it more. I can't wait.

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Heather--You put M's name in this post.

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