Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dreams Coming True

I think if every mother and father of young children and babies have dreams of what they will do with their children some day. One of the dreams I have had for years is watching my children play sports. I'll admit that I have somewhat pushed Jacob towards sports the past couple of years. He was interested but not nearly as much as I was. I would have been fine if he told me not to sign him up but I did really hope he would learn to love sports.

Jacob seems to be finally really falling in love with sports. I think he is just finally getting old enough to begin to enjoy competition and challenge and learning how to deal with frustration and challenges. Jacob really started to show his new interest towards the end of the t-ball season. He suddenly started paying more attention to the game and playing in the dirt less. He began looking forward to when his next game was and would get really disappointed if a game was rained out.

As the t-ball season came to an end, Jacob began begging to play soccer. I really didn't plan to sign him up for soccer because he didn't seem to enjoy it last year. While I dream of watching him play sports, I don't want him to play if he doesn't enjoy it. I reluctantly signed him up and waited to have to struggle to get him to play. It never happened. Jacob not only played hard he had a great time.

Jacob's next request was football but flag football in our part of town doesn't start until kindergarten so he has one year to wait. We took the fall off sports but Jacob's interest hasn't lessened. He is still begging to play flag football. I promised him I would continue to watch for sports that fit into our schedule.

We looked at the sports for preschoolers at the Y over Christmas break and found basketball. Jacob was very excited. He told his teacher and all of his friends he was going to play basketball. He had his first class last night and spent the entire class learning to dribble. He has some work to do but he had fun and was improving. I promised to try to find a basketball so he can practice at home. Mostly I was just glad to see him smile throughout the class.

This spring will be bringing soccer and t-ball. Then he will enter kindergarten and I know that he will be asking to play flag football at the Y. Thankfully, the Y is reasonably priced and near our house. It should be a good spring and I am really loving having a 5 year old. M will start playing more sports next year also. I think I am really going to enjoy watching my kids over the next few years.

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