Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reason To Celebrate

I finally have a reason to celebrate in the job search. My job search is over. People who know me well know that I have been working hard for the past couple of years to change careers. I want to begin a career as a social worker in child welfare. I also didn't want to leave the county I work for now. Leaving would mean I would lose my longevity, vacation, sick and comp time. The benefits are great and I just was not in a hurry to lose any of that and start completely over.

At 9:06 Tuesday night, I received a phone call offering me a position in the county I work for. Of course, I accepted the offer. I don't have a start date yet but it will be within the next few weeks. Other than being the job I want and believe I will enjoy, it is a much better work schedule for single parents. I will no longer have to work weekends or holidays unless there is an emergency. I can attend local community events and take advantage of the many free things to do and see around town on weekends. I am excited. My children are excited. This will be a great thing for all of us.

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WICarrie said...

...and I'm excited for you too! Many congratulations!