Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Surgery Appointment

Today was another appointment at the surgery center. Jacob had another laser treatment on his port wine stain. He also had a minor procedure done to take care of another dermatology problem but that was very minor and really wouldn't have required anesthesia.

Jacob did great as usual. These days are always much harder on me than him. He actually enjoys going and tells me he misses the doctors and nurses. Today was no different. He happily told everyone at day care that he was going to "the face doctor" and would not be there today. He played contently and watched movies during the 2 hours we waited for our turn.

I am not as good as Jacob is at these appointments. I know he is fine and never worry about how he will handle it emotionally. I also know that he has always done well under anesthesia so I don't get extremely worried. I do get a little anxious. Especially when the appointments take longer that normal.

Today was one of those days where it took longer to get me. He usually wakes up and immediately starts crying. A nurse usually comes and gets me within a couple minutes to help settle him down and comfort him. Today I waited about half an hour after the doctor said he was finished and finally asked if I could see him yet.

The receptionist called back and someone came and got me. I walked back with the nurse who didn't say anything. I didn't hear anything and began to worry. What was going on that she wasn't talking and Jacob was crying? I rounded the corner and saw four nurses gathered around his room. He was in there sitting up, eating a popcicle and talking to everyone. He is always the star of the center and he was entertaining everyone with his humor again. The nurses quickly parted so I could see Jacob and he assured me he was fine. It was no big deal and oh, by the way, "May I please have some juice?"

I have to say. I was very proud of him. Another sign that he is growing up way too fast.

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