Thursday, March 22, 2007

All the other mothers were right

All of those experienced mothers were correct. I do worry about my child's health but I am also more willing to take short cuts. For instance, this morning I did not feel like making breakfast. The solution? A pop tart (something I can't even believe I bought) with a banana and a cup of milk. The banana and milk make up for the pop tart right?
JM and I seem to have had our adjustment melt downs and are moving on with our lives. He cried for over 2 hours on Tuesday with this far away look in his eyes. I am sure he was grieving his old life and friends. Yesterday, he was doing better but I needed a break. I finally let my dad babysit for a few hours. I think the big thing is that we both need a break from each other once in awhile. Since attachment happened quickly and he seems to be securely attached, a babysitter once in awhile won't hurt.
Well, I better go clean the pop tart and banana off the computer since he helped me type while eating. Oh, the things I never thought I would allow.

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