Friday, March 2, 2007

6 days to go!!!!

I can't believe I am leaving in just 6 days! I have finished packing my carry on and am now focusing on the house. JM's quilt will be close to finished and usable when we return. I may not have the backing sewn on when we return but should be able to finish it quickly then.

I had my last day of work in the main building yesterday. I fixed a couple of small problems with my FMLA paperwork and cleaned out my locker. I do not have to look at that locker again for 13 weeks! I still have 2 days of work left next week. Monday I work in a smaller building in a different part of the city. Wednesday I have training all day. One of the women at work wanted to go celebrate Wednesday night after work. I thought it sounded like fun except that we don't get off work until 11 PM and I have to leave for the airport by 7 AM. I think my days of partying after work are over. Oh, well. JM is worth it.

There is only one thing left making me nervous. That is the letter from WI giving me permission to bring JM back here. It is a requirement of an interstate compact in adoption. Since my adoption agency is licensed in MN, I have to have permission from WI to bring JM here. It sounds pretty silly to me. I purchased a foreign adoption bond, had the bond, my home study and $75 sent to them. Now I just need to have the birth certificate and adoption decree emailed to them. We have the birth certificate but the adoption decree is not back yet. We had to have something fixed on it. It should be here any day now. I'm not too worried. If the decree is late, the state can email the letter to immigration. At least they have a file started on me.

This weekend I am getting the immigration paperwork and tax returns copied and cleaning the house. Next week I will shampoo carpets and install carseats. Then I am all ready. It's almost time!

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