Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Looking back with 2 days to go

I guess you could say JM was officially no longer an orphan when the adoption decree was final. On the other hand at 17 months old, he only knows that his mother is not there yet. That is changing in just 2 days! I will actually meet him in 4 days. I have the option of waiting until Monday to meet him since we are travelling south on Sunday. Yeah right! I can't wait that long!

I have a hard time believing this adoption journey is almost done (not the child raising or family journey). It seems like ages ago that I was crying because I just couldn't find the money (last March). Then came the home study which felt like it took years to complete (really it was just 2 months) and then the wait for a referral. I knew in my heart that my child was a waiting child I just didn't know where to find him. I will never forget the joy I felt the day I found him on the waiting child list. I danced up and down the hallway shouting "It's a boy!" to my dog. Of course, my dog jumped up and down with me. She didn't know what was going on but it looked fun to her!

The wait for travel has definitelly been the easiest for me. Although I was anxious to get through the courts and receive a travel date, I knew it was coming. I had some anxious filled (a few panic filled) moments but over all have just felt excitement and joy. The next most joy filled moment was when I got the call that my case had made it through court and JM was officially mine. I don't think I could possibly be happier than I was when I received that call or when I found my son. People kept commenting on how happy I looked after announcing he was mine!

I am sure that the next few weeks will be full of moments of joy and frustration. Hopefully, not too many feelings of panic. I now have all of my paperwork ready to go and am just waiting for the airplane to leave. I look forward to that feeling of pure joy I will feel again when I meet my son. It doesn't matter if he screams and pulls away or smiles and laughs (I am hoping for smiles and laughter). He is mine and that is enough to bring joy to my world.

If I can post in Ethiopia, I will. If not, I look forward to posting and introducing JM to everyone when I return. He is growing up so fast! I didn't know I could be so proud of a son I haven't even met yet.

JM Mommy is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mama Papaya said...


Have a safe trip to your beautiful boy! Enjoy every minute. Just soak Ethiopia up. Take lots of pictures. He is an adorable, happy, loved little boy. I know you will instantly fall in love with him. I can not wait to read that you have finally held him in your arms.

Safe travels!

Carrie & Maia