Monday, March 12, 2007

Things are going great

I spent a full day with JM today. Things are really going well. His whole face lit up when I walked up to him today. He kept checking to make sure that I did not leave the room and cried when I dropped him off at the Care Center tonight. It was very difficult to take him back but I feel it is for the best. We are going to a dinner show tomorrow night and won't be able to take him. I plan to take custody on Wednesday night.

JM is a good eater. He ate lasagna at lunch today along with some banana treats, 2 cups of milk and 2 glasses of water. He loves fruit, milk and water. He tries to play with the older children and loves to smile and look cute when he is in trouble.

We will be returning to Wisconsin on Saturday. I can't wait to post new pictures at that time.

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Scarlett_333 said...

Aww, your son is adorable! I am a high school student in ON and eventually want to adopt from Ethiopia, but right now I am just writing a story set there, so since I haven't been there, these blogs have been helpful! If you have time, please feel free to read my story on my blog and let me know if I am being accurate about Ethiopia. Thank you very much,