Saturday, November 10, 2007

Social Worker Update

So I spent two days cleaning my house and making sure there weren't any piles of clutter. Of course, Jacob made sure that there were still toys out as any healthy 2-year-old does when Mom is cleaning. The social worker arrived 15 minutes late and was here for about 5 minutes. She stated I should relax and that the house is fine. She also told me that my references were coming in fine and that I should hear from her again after Christmas.

That is a relief. I am excited about the prospect of becoming a foster parent. I am also scared and have many of the same fears I had when adopting Jacob. I am still waiting for someone to say that I should not be a parents for whatever reason. Jacob is legally mine but I still wait for the next social worker to say I have enough children. I know that won't happen and I believe it is a fear every foster/adoptive parent has no matter how many home visits and home studies they complete.

In other news, Jacob is still doing well. He has another cold and is just getting over a stomach bug that has been going around. Neither are making him very sick but he is crankier than normal. He loves preschool and is doing well at the babysitter's house. It is nice to finally be settled into a routine.

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