Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Jacob is 4 years old! I cannot believe that the baby I brought home two and a half years ago is now a preschooler. I am proud but also a little sad about how fast he is growing up. Here is a little about who he is becoming.

- He is now 40 inches tall. This is 12 inches taller than when he came home.
- He weighs about 33 lbs. Yes he is skinny but he definitelly has a healthy appetite also.
- He can ride a 16 inch bike.
- He knows the entire alphabet.
- He can spell and write his first name. He can spell part of his last name.
- He can read a handful of letters including his name.
- He can count to 16.
- He still loves trucks and cars.
- His favorite toys are Little People Toys.
- He still loves swimming.
- He really wants to play baseball.
- He still adores his grandpa.

I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for us. Jacob is growing so fast and amazes me more every day.

We celebrated his birthday a little bit last night since I have class tonight. Jacob loved getting a cake and having everyone sing to him. He giggled the entire time. He is having a small party tonight with family while I am at school. His big party isn't for a couple weeks due to my school and work schedule. I didn't have my camera last night so I don't have any pictures. I will post some after his party though.

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