Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Last Completely Free Weekend

This is our last completely free weekend until at least Christmas. I will have some weekend days free in the next few months but not whole weekends. My internship has already started, I am still working full-time and classes start in one week. One of my best friends is getting married next weekend and of course, I am working both days.

I told Jacob that he wouldn't have any babysitters for the next three days. He immediately grinned and said, "So you get to spend time with your kids!" Yes. I get to spend three wonderful days with my children. I have big plans for the next three days but they are subject to change upon our whims. Here is a tentative agenda.


-We went swimming at the Y again. I love that pool! I am able to get both of my kids in under my membership until Jacob turns 5. Then it is just a little more money each month for a single-parent family membership.

-After we left the pool, we headed to Toys R Us. Jacob has been talking for about a month about his new Dora bike he would be getting for his birthday. He was set on it until he saw another little boy on a Cars bike and the matching Cars helmet. It was love on first sight. I agreed that it could be his birthday present. We are buying it early so that he has a little more time to enjoy it before the cold winter weather arrives.


-This morning we are spending a relaxing morning at home. I plan to get some cleaning and laundry done. I hired a woman to come in and clean every two weeks but the house starts getting pretty bad by the end of the two weeks if I don't do some touch ups during the two-weeks. Mostly just picking up whatever the kids and dogs get out to play with.

-After (hopefully long) naps, we will be heading to Toys R Us to pick up Jacob's new bike. I realize I have been horrible about posting (and taking) pictures lately but I promise to take some of Jacob on his new bike. It is a huge moment in our house. Jacob's first new big kid bike.

-Tonight is church. I love the contemporary Saturday night service so we attend even when we will be home on Sunday mornings. We have been attending this church for just over a year and are finally starting to really feel comfortable there.


-What's better than going to the taste of the city downtown this weekend. It should be great. I'm a little nervous about taking the kids down there when it will be so busy but it should be fun. There will be live music, lots of good food and hopefully fun.


-What should we do on our last free day of Summer? This is the day I really don't know what to do about. I haven't taken the boys to the Milwaukee zoo and I really want to. That is a possibility. Or I might just take them to our local zoo. It is a tough decision and one I am very grateful to have to make.

Tuesday I go back to work and then start to juggle work, school and parenting. That I'm not looking forward to but it will be worth it in the end. Hopefully more options for my children.

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