Sunday, September 20, 2009

School Update

Jacob and I are well into our new school year. It has been an adjustment for all of us. Jacob felt like he was under a lot of pressure at the beginning of the year. Jacob is the oldest child in his class and is repeating the 3-year-old program so that he will be in the same class as the other kids who will be starting kindergarten with him. His teacher wanted to help him feel special by emphasizing that he knows more than the other kids and that he is her big helper. Instead of inspiring him, it made him feel like he had to be perfect and he quickly became frustrated. His behavior deteriorated to the point that I was receiving notes and emails from his teacher about his behavior.

I spoke to the school and the director about his behavior. It was actually the director who realized how much pressure his teacher was putting on him. She spoke to his teacher and the problem was corrected. He is now doing wonderful and is very happy to be slightly ahead of the other kids in the room. He didn't need adults to tell him how he was doing. He could see it for himself without the pressure.

I started my internship on September 2 and started classes last week. I don't really see the kids on Tuesdays because of my class schedule. I drop them off at daycare at 6:15 AM, my parents pick them up after daycare and watch them until I get home around 11. It is a very difficult day for all of us. I am really hoping that we will adjust to it but I know it will be difficult. I am hopeful that this is the only semester we will have a day like that. The other days I have class the kids stay with a sitter near the university and I get to spend time with them before class.

I only have class two nights a week and every other Saturday. It is not an easy schedule but much better than some of the other universities (closer to our house) with class four nights a week and Saturdays. We will adjust and pretty soon this will just be a memory. I just keep reminding myself that this degree will get me a career I enjoy and a better working schedule. That means a happier mom with more time for the kids in just a couple years.

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