Sunday, September 27, 2009


Graduate school is a lot more work than I anticipated. I am happy to say that I am keeping up so far but it is not easy. I can see myself getting into serious trouble if I don't stay on top of everything. This is a list of what is due this week.

-Read 5 chapters from textbooks.
-Read 8 chapters from a novel.
-A 2 page paper on what I read.
-A 2 page paper on what I did at my internship.
-A 9 page paper on what I need to learn this school year.
-A 15 minute presentation on my family's social history.

I have everything finished except 1 1/2 textbook chapters due on Tuesday. Then I can start on next weeks assignments. I have one less paper and don't have to do a presentation but need to start working on future papers and presentations. If you have been wondering why we have been quiet lately and not around much, now you know. The kids are watching cartoons and I am writing papers. With occassional breaks for a great game of Candy Land or a walk around the block.

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Angela :-) said...

Good gravy! That's alot of work!

Angela :-)