Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween 2009

We started our halloween festivities yesterday. Some of the parties are calling them fall harvest parties but they all involove treats and costumes so I call them all halloween parties. Last night was our first one.

I took Jacob, M and our friend P to the YMCA last night for their halloween party. The kids made treat bags at the first stop and then headed off to the gym. They loved playing the games and picking out the small toys and juice offered. After games, we headed over for face painting and then a few minutes to the dance. Jacob would have stayed until the end but M and P were exhausted. M wasn't really moving around much and I could tell he was getting close to a meltdown so we left about 30 minutes early.

I took several pictures but they all have M or P in them. Here are 2 of Jacob as a fire fighter. M was a police officer and P was a movie star.

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