Friday, October 16, 2009

Still Growing

Jacob woke up again today with growing pains. He stated they started when he was walking around Grandpa's house last night. It doesn't surprise me since he is eating everything in sight again. He ate three hotdogs for dinner last night alone!

I measured Jacob this morning and he has grown another 1/2 inch since the beginning of September. He has now grown 2 inches since June. I am sure that he is going to shoot up again since he is eating so much lately. He was shorter than most of his class last Summer but is now as tall or taller than all but 2 of the kids. His height 2 weeks ago was about the 50th percentile but that was before his last growth spurt.

M is also growing like a week and doing his best to keep up with Jacob. Of course, he is younger and suppose to be growing a little quicker. M is taller than all of the kids in his class and most people think he is 3 rather than 2. He is still about 3 inches shorter than Jacob but weighs more. His growth appears to be slowing though. He hasn't had a huge spurt in about a month and he hasn't been eating as much. He is showing signs of getting ready to get his last two 2-year-old molars in though. It will be wonderful when that is done.

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