Friday, August 20, 2010

Back To School Lists

I am curious what more experienced parents do with their school supply lists. I picked up a list for Jacob for kindergarten and found his list fairly reasonable. The only questionable items were dry erase markers and kleenex. All things that I can understand him helping to supply. Then I took a fourth grader shopping to get her some supplies. She needed brand name pencils at $4 for a dozen and she needs 6 dozen pencils. She also needed 2 reams of copy paper for the office, brand name scissors, clorox wipes and other items that seemed a little extreme. I don't mind buying pencils but why can't they be Staples brand at 10 cents a box on sale? Of course her family also pays a materials fee and we all pay taxes. I'm debating what to do when Jacob gets those ridiuculus requests. Should I treat it as a wishlist and just get what I really believe he needs or should I buy everything despite my strong desire to take a stand against ridiculus requests.

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