Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reasons To Be Thankful

Jacob has been fever free for almost 2 days now. He still has a bad cough but he often gets a bad cough whenever he gets a cold/flu. His energy is slowly coming back as well as his appetite.

As I laid in bed listening to him cough last night, I thought of all the reasons I should be grateful at that moment. Like any mom, it hurts my heart to see him sick and miserable. I would do anything to take away his pain and make him feel better.

Yet I am just watching him and comforting him for a day or two. I know I am lucky. Many parents have to watch their children suffer for months or even years without ever knowing if their child will become well again. I am blessed to only worry about how many hours and days he will be sick.

I get to debate if it is just a virus or if he should be seen by a doctor for a prescription. I don't have to worry about if his life saving medications need to be adjusted or if this minor illness will result in a long hospital stay. I am blessed.

I have wonderful family that helps when my children get sick as well as very good health insurance. I have access to some of the best doctors and specialists in the world. I'm not sitting in a remote village wondering if my child will survive the night and exactly what a doctor does. We see doctors regularly. Some parents never have the chance to see a doctor for their children or themselves.

So while I absolutely hate watching my children be sick, I am very grateful that it is only for a few days. I know I am blessed and lucky beyond words. I was born in this great country and am not forced to struggle daily to survive. I pray that my son makes a quick recovery but I also pray for those parents who have much more serious things to worry about. I will continue to pray for their healing, comfort and strength as our lives return to normal.

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Angela :-) said...

A helpful hint about coughing--I've tried this and it does seem to work. Vicks vapo-rub thickly applied to the bottom of the feet and covered with a pair of socks.

Angela :-)