Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation Bible School

I will admit that 2 years old is a tough age for me to parent. I assume it is a tough age to be also. M is now three and there are days that he proves what many parents believe. That 3 is a difficult age and in some ways more difficult than 2. Yet in some ways, it is more enjoyable.

M is finally old enough to start to participate in some organized activities. Up to now, he has always been the odd man out as we watched Jacob. M idolizes his older brother and hates to be told he is different than him. He insists that he has brown curly hair like Jacob (his is a sandy brown and straight). He wants to have a career where he can work with Jacob and is sure they will always live together. While this is very sweet, it also brings challenges when M isn't able to do the things Jacob does.

This year things are starting to change and vacation bible school was the first exciting organized activity that M was able to participate in with Jacob. M did great considering he is a young 3 and has some challenges. He loved the art projects and singing the songs. He would have actually spent the entire two hours singing if the teachers would have allowed it. We drove by the church last night and M immediately began yelling "There's bible school!" He was so proud of himself for attending and had such a great time.

I am hoping to get M and Jacob into swimming lessons near the same time this fall. I still need to register them and see if we can get into a class that fits our schedule. I hope to register them in the next week or two.

This is the age when I remember suddenly really enjoying Jacob's company. When he was suddenly able to fully participate in activities and have conversations with me. Sure we still have hard days, but M is finally entering this stage as well. It should be a fun year.

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