Thursday, September 2, 2010

Growing Up Fast

Jacob officially starts 4K next week. I am sad that he is growing up so fast but proud of the boy he is becoming. He told me today that he likes to try to make people happy. This is definitelly an excellent description of my Ethiopian prince. When Jacob was still living at the orphanage, he took pride in helping his nannies. He would set up the chairs every day at lunch and help get ready for meals. The first day I met him I saw the smile and pride on his little 17 month old face as he raced over to help.

As Jacob has gotten older, he has become more independant but that drive to help and be a good friend continues. Most of his friends at day care started kindergarten this week. It was a difficult week for Jacob. He is the only child in his class not starting kindergarten and he definitely feels left out. I have been really working with him to help him see that it is just as exciting that he will be in 4K even if it is still at day care and that he will make lots of new friends next week.

Jacob was able to meet up with his best friend, JE, last night. JE started kindergarten yesterday and is almost a year older than Jacob. The boys have loved each other since the first day they met in June. Not seeing JE every day is going to be tough but I have spoken to JE's mom. We have agreed to support the boys in continuing their friendship and letting them together often.

Last night I took Jacob, JE and M to McDonald's for dinner and playtime. JE's mom was there for the beginning but had to leave early when JE's sister began to feel poorly. About 30 minutes after JE's mom and sister left, I told the boys to use the bathroom and get ready to leave. Jacob started to go into the bathroom and then turned around and said something. I was sure he was talking to me and asked him to repeat himself. He stated, "Mom, this is JE and Jacob talk." Oops. Sorry. I don't want to interfere.

It was a lot of fun watching Jacob and JE play independently. I also really enjoyed listening to their conversations and was struck by how grown up they are becoming. JE was explaining to Jacob what it was like to have 2 houses and to have parents who don't live together. Jacob listened intently and they discussed their plans for future play dates and sleep overs. I am sure there will be plenty of both.

Jacob is growing up. He will be five years old in just nineteen days. I have begun making plans for his birthday party and have been contacting parents and handing out invitations. I need to get a few in the mail early next week and then decide what kind of cake to get and from where. I am also trying to come to terms with the fact that my baby is now five years old and defintely not a baby anymore. It isn't easy but much eaiser when I watch him developing close friendships, helping adults with chores and just becoming a wonderful young man and less of a baby every day.

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